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Introducing our Silicone UV wristbands which change colour depending on the amount of UV rays the wristband is exposed to. Use these fun, simple color changing UV wristbands as a remind to protect themselves from over exposure to the sun.

Our wristbands are safe to use while swimming and will not affect its lifespan - perfect for your holiday.


If you are wearing your wristbands everyday and it comes into contact with UV light the wristband has a life span of approx 1 month. To increase the lifespan we recommend storing your band in a cool dark place when not in use.

For longer lasting band, please check our UV Beads Bracelet here.


Please measure your wrist - Sizes available:

Baby size (Age 1-4 approx) (5.5 inch) - 140*12*2MM

Child size (Age 5-9 approx) (6 inch) - 160*12*2MM

Youth Size (Age 10-14 approx) (7 inch) - 180*12*2MM

Youth Large (Age 15+ approx) / Female (7.5 inch) - 190*12*2MM

Adult (8 inch) - 202*12*2MM



This product contains small components which could become a choking hazard. This item is not a toy. Adult supervision required for children under 36 months.

Silicone UV Wristband

  • Care Instructions

    To look after your bracelet:

    • Store in a cool, dark location when not in use - this will increase the lifespan of the wristband.
    • Avoid covering the wristband in suncream. Your skin over time will absorb the cream in - the wristband will not.
    • Keep the bracelet clean by using cool water.
    • Avoid over stretching the wristbands.
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